Immediate dental.


Immediate implant.

Dental implants are a very common and accredited procedure to replace missing teeth, as it guarantees natural-looking teeth that can last as original ones; it seems that around 2,000 implants are placed every week only in the United States.

A dental implant is the most effective way to have our teeth back, since if the treatment is performed after a careful preplanning and the bone and gum tissues are healthy, the rate of success is very high, about 96-97%, and the implant fuses in the bone without any bad consequences.

Immediate load dental implants.

Usually, a dental implant is applied during two surgical procedures: the first is to insert a screw made of titanium into the jawbone; at this time starts a process called of osseointegration, during which the screw fuses with the cells of the bone: this is the most important step of a dental implant treatment, because if the fusion process completes without complications, the procedure has succeeded. A temporary prosthesis is placed to close the gap of the missing tooth.

After the screw has been inserted, the patient has to wait for three to six months and then the permanent crown or another dental prosthesis can be placed in the mouth and it will work as a natural tooth.

immediate dentalImmediate dental implant.

In recent years, another type of dental implant has been implemented, the so-called immediate dental implant, that allows patient to receive an implant that is right away effective. With an immediate implant, the prosthesis is attached to the screw at the same time in which this one is inserted in the bone: it can seem difficult, but studies and researches show that the rate of success is the same very high, but, of course, the procedure requires an accurate preplanning and an experienced dentist.

An immediate implant provides the patient an effective new tooth without compromises the process of osseointegration.

This procedure is usually applied in cases of all-in-4 dental implant, when all the teeth in the upper or lower arch are missing or in cases in which the patient loses a frontal tooth: when a frontal tooth can’t be restored and has to be extracted, the patient suffers a lot for the aesthetical consequences, so an immediate implant is the best solution.

Immediate dental.

The only things patients have to consider is that no everyone is a candidate for a dental implant because the tissues of the bones and of the gums have to be healthy; anyway, nowadays technologies allow the dentists to apply a dental implant even on poor candidates.