How long does a dental bridge last.


Bridge for teeth.

Dental bridges are devices used in dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are a very widespread method and are generally constituted by a metal bridge that is attached to the surrounding teeth and false teeth that replace the missing ones.

This type of device is very functional and is still used, but patients should take good care of and clean it well to prolong its lifespan.

how long does a dental bridge lastHow long do dental implants last.

According to different sources, a dental bridge may last up to 10 years, even if this esteem varies a lot from patient to patient.

Sometimes a bridge can last about 5-7 years and sometimes more than 10 years. Everything depends on the oral hygiene and nutrition, but there are also some intrinsic considerations.

How long do teeth bridges last.

The reason why a dental bridge can fail (and it is not recommended for some patients) is that teeth supporting bridges have to be cut down or prepared, and so become prone to recurrent cavities, fractures, gum disease or root canal therapy.

Fitting a dental bridge often involves filing down the teeth next to the missing tooth’s gap and prepare them for crowns that support the replacement false tooth.

If a supporting tooth fails, the entire dental bridge can fail.

These considerations are related to the treatment as such. In any case, when a patient receives a dental bridge he/she must be very careful about oral hygiene and nutrition.

These habits and a regular professional cleaning will increase bridge lifespans.

About cleaning, it is crucial to brush teeth carefully and to use a specific toothpaste to fight cavities; at the same time, flossing is vital since food can be trapped underneath the bridge.

Dentists recommend a floss threader to carry floss under the bridge, removing the trapped food.

Ask for advice to the dentist or dental hygienist to learn how to clean your teeth and the dental bridge, and run the professional cleaning and regular check-ups (about every six months).

How long does a dental bridge last.

Food is also very important; fruit, vegetables, cereals and a healthy diet are recommended to all, for the overall health and teeth; in particular, those who have a bridge should avoid sugary or too hard foods, such as nuts or candy, that can overload the pressure on dental bridges when chewing.