Dental Tourism Prices.


Dental Tourism : the offers.

Among many other forms of medical tourism, we also find dental turism (often called dental vacations or dental holidays). It consists if individual patients looking for dental care outside of their home country and local healthcare system – sometimes, this may be accompanied by a proper vacation.

Dental vacations. The destinations.

Dental turism is a fast growing phenomenon: as the world becomes more competitive and technological innovations spread with ease and speed, providers in so called “developing countries” can offer high quality dental care at significantly lower prices.

Price is a key factor, when talking about dental turism. As a matter of fact, the main complaint towards dental care inside the main Western countries and healthcare systems is that dental care is insanely expensive. This is the main reason why more and more people make a different choice: instead of spending a lot only for dental treatment, they oftentimes organise vacations to countries such as Costa Rica or Mexico, for example, and coniugate the pleasure of travelling with the need for dental care.

A quick online research will give us a lot of detailed information about costs, logistics and general useful tips to organise your journey and treatment.


Dental holidays : Mexico.

Let’s take Mexico, for example. For people residing in the US, it is a very short trip and not costly at all. As for dental treatment, we can find a good number of dental clinics that offer a variety of services and treatments, all performed by well qualified and experienced dentists and auxiliaries. Comparing prices with the standard US prices for dental treatment, the result is shocking: prices are up to 90% lower on braces and dental crowns, 70% lower on bridges and roughly 85% on implants.

Dental Tourism Prices. Costa Rica.

Another good example is Costa Rica. Here too, the comparison with US prices paints a very interesting picture: here, the treatments overall can be from 50% to 90% cheaper than in the United States. Quality is, as above stated, easy to verify through certifications and official statements.

These are only a couple of examples of the offers that can be found abroad in regards to dental treatments. The price difference is clearly consistent; once one has set their mind to the task of travelling abroad in order to have their dental treatment, it all appears much easier and sustainable than what could be thought at first. It all really boils down to a vacation – with the additional advantage of being truly beneficial to one’s health as well.