Best country for dental tourism.


Best place for dental tourism.

Dental work is essential if you want to maintain a good quality of life. A World health Organization report has shown that there is a significant correlation between chronic illness and dental work in developing and even developed countries in that usually low dental health correlates to low health overall. This is mostly due to the associated costs of dental work – a person who is in poor health cannot afford to also take care of their teeth.

This isn’t always the case. In some countries affordable hygienic dental work is readily available especially for medical tourists willing to pay cash. Here are some of the best countries in the world for dental tourism.

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We’ve all heard about ‘Tijuana Doctors’ and the scary conditions of some clinics across the border, usually aimed at Americans willing to get cheap procedures fast and with no questions asked. But did you know that high-end Mexico City dental practices charge half of what your average dentist might charge over here. You can get incredibly good treatment for very good value and it’s only a few hours away by plane.


Thailand is also a good cheap destination and it has the benefit of being one of the more exotic ones. You can lounge on the beach all day, and swim in crystal clear waters and get dental work done in the afternoon for a third of the cost of treatment back home or less. Of course the plane ticket and hotel stay might offset your costs but think of it this way: you’re getting a vacation and dental work for the price of dental work. Now that is a bargain!


Dental tourism : Hungary

Hungary is a medical tourist’s paradise. With prices less than half of what you would pay in the United States and a third of the costs in the UK it is the place to go if you want to get good, dependable dental work and enjoy the cultural heritage of a beautiful country as well.


Right next to Hungary, Romania undercuts its neighbor by a further 20% making it the cheapest dental tourism destination in the western world. In fact, thousands of Romanian émigrés and their ‘in the know’ friends have been coming to Romania for dental work for years. It’s cheap and apparently the quality of the work is very good.

Best country for dental tourism : Asia.


India is by far the cheapest place to get dental work in the world. Just like with Thailand, the price of the plane ticket might be high but you can get procedures equivalent to those that you could get back home for 10% of the price. There’s just no way to beat Indian prices and the rates greatly offset the costs of the stay and the flight, especially if you need extensive procedures. You can also explore the country and absorb its culture and go back home with a big (and new) smile.