Dental implants Romania.


Dental tourism Romania.

The number of people who came to Romania especially for cheaper dental services doubled last year compared to 2014. The dental tourism has developed in Romania due to dental implant centers, as well as to prices, which are two, even three times smaller in Romania compared to Western Europe.

Dentistry Romania. Why many people in Europe goes to east for dental implants?

Standard of care provided by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, the governing body that provides health care for all its citizens is remarkably good, providing health professionals well-trained and well-equipped clinics. However, some setbacks the organization’s face is underfunded and long waiting lists for elective surgery and non-urgent procedures.

Some British still take the price risk by opting for private health services. A private hospital in Britain tends to be better in terms of services than its counterparts NHS – quality of facilities and services are faster and better as it offers treatments that are not available on the NHS, such as dentistry cosmetic surgery.


Dental tourism. The motivations.

UK private healthcare is expensive compared to other Asian or Eastern European countries. Even the dental care costs in the UK remain among the highest in Europe. The cost of dental implants in the UK starts at USD $ 2,200 up to $ 3,500. And ‘now a fact of life that many Britons now traveling to other countries where the price of dental treatment in particular dental implants may be more convenient.

It is a very safe procedure, with predictable results and a low complication rate.

Dental implants Romania. Dental clinic Romania.

After surgery, patients were instructed not to blow your nose, sneezing with mouth wide open and avoid drinking with straws , in order not to change the air pressure inside the sinus . They were also instructed how to perform oral hygiene during the period of healing. Antibiotics – clindamycin orally every eight hours – and non-steroidal anti inflammatory ketoprofen orally every eight hours, were prescribed for five days after surgery. The sutures were removed ten to fourteen days after surgery. Patients are retrived forty-eight hours after the surgery for a postoperative control.