Dental tourism in India.


Dental implants in India.

Dental tourism is a very common habit among people from every country, especially for patients that live in so-called western world such as the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Since during recent years dental expenses are growing more and more, most of all in the U.S. and the U.K., traveling to find more affordable prices is often a popular choise; dental tourism is a possibility to match dental cares with an holiday in beautiful and exotic destinations.

Dentist in India. Services offered.

Dental tourism is usually preferred in cases of dental surgery or cosmetic dentistry treatments, that are ever more required from people and may be very expensive.

One of the most common destination is India: this amazing country is rich of history, with several beautiful cities, a very important religion, a thousand-years old culture. Almost 60 million tourists visit India every year, dental tourism forms almost 20 per cent of the total Indian medical tourism and it is projected to grow every year.

dental-tourism-in-indiaDental tourism India. The quality of treatments.

Dental clinics, dentists and dental specialists in India offer high quality treatments at really cheaper costs: it seems the cost of dental care in the western countries is approximately 10 times more than that in India; moreover very often Indian doctors are graduated in the United States, there are dental structures with state to the art equipments and well trained experienced doctors that match international standards and results are guaranteed.

Due to the lower cost of life and cheaper cost of labour, prices for dental treatments are really competitive: while in the U.S. or in Europe dentists can charge from 300 to 400 dollars for a filling, in India it costs between 20 to 40 dollars; a root canal is between 100 to 200 dollars and dentures can cost 1000 dollars overseas but only 200 in India.

Dental tourism in India.

Choosing India for dental tourism is possible to visit beautiful places and have dental treatments at the cost of a routine work in western countries. To manage a trip patients can turn to specialized travel agencies, can contact dental structures or can gather informations directly on place.

It’s possible to chose among several cities that offer all the services: the most important is the capital city of New Dehli, then there are Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore or Chennai, Chettinad in south India or the state of Goa, on the western coast.