Dental implant Beograd.


Dental tourism Serbia.

A dental implant is a common dental procedure to replace a missing tooth; this kind of treatment is among the restorative ones and it is required after a tooth extraction, when it is necessary to fill the empty space that has been created, otherwise the sorrounding teeth may rotate or came out from their place. In these cases teeth may lose their proper functions, can make patients’ facial expressions unnatural and also a missing tooth can affect patients smile and thus self confidence.

Very often dental implants are the best choise since it is a durable treatments, about 10 years, even if it needs a certain time for the prosthetics. A dental implant is a piece made of bio-compatible material that is screwed in the jawbone, it consists of two parts: coronary and coronal part, coronary part is a part being screwed into the dental bone, and coronal part is visible part of the implant.

Dental implants are customized for each patient depending on the type, length, thickness, density of the jawbone.

dental-implant-beogradDental Serbia. Prices.

In western european countries, dental implant is a treatment that may require some money and so it is possible to have it done in a more affordable country, such as for example Serbia. In the capital city, Beograd, there a lot of comfortable and high-quality dental clinics that offer this kind of services at a cheaper price, but with the same level of safety and professionality; the average cost of dental implants is of 400-500 euros.

Dentist in Serbia. The dental tourism.

Dental tourism is a common habit for patients from western Europe or north-America and Beograd is becoming a more and more popular destination for dental procedures; the city is beautiful and offers several dental clinics, that help patients with travel and accomodation.

Dental implant Beograd. The service offered.

As for dental implant Beograd dental clinics attend patients in every step of implantation procedure, since it is not available for everyone, for example it is not suitable for patients who suffer from osteoporosis or uncontrolled diabetes.

The jawbone volume has to be evaluate and it is possible to examinate it with a patient’s panoramic X-ray or even X-ray in 3D, that patients may sent by e-mail before the travel; if it is estimated that the jawbone volume isn’t sufficient to support a dental implant, a bone graft needs to be executed first.