Dental Europe.


Dental Europe.

In Europe differencies among countries may be quite pronounced, at least referring to medical treatments costs. In countries of western Europe, north –America, Australia or Japan dental services may be expensive, most of all in the bigger cities, and more and more we read about people that can’t bear the costs of dentist treatments and are forced to neglect the basic dental care, as regural check-ups or restoring treatments.

Thanks to European community, now european countries are nearer than before, movement of people, patients and doctors, is easier and there is a constant effort to homogenize standards of quality among the different medical structures.

Euro dental care. Prices.

Regarding dental treatments, statistics say that there are relevant differencies about the costs: for example, U.K. is one of the most expensive country for dental services despite the local NHS (National Health System); then there is Italy and Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and France. On the other side of Europe, in the eastern side, there are instead countries that offer the same dental services, but at lower prices, such as Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Albania or Serbia. In particular, it seems that patients from U.K. often choose Hungary.

dental-europeDental treatment Europe. Some example of cost.

According to prices averages root, canal treatments may cost from 20 to 150 euros, veneers from 180 to 350 euros, dental bridges from 150 to 300 euros and crowns may cost from 180 to 360 euros, so it may be easy to make savings from 50% to over 75% by travelling to central and eastern Europe for dental services. In these countries savings are possible because of lower cost of living and because of the element that most affects the cost of dental works, that is the workforce: for example 2,88 euros per minute in London and 9 cents in Budapest. Competition among the different dental clinics makes quality of works and services even more comforting.

Usually it is calculated that even with the cost of travel and accomodation, have dental treatments done in eastern Europe is more convenient than in western countries.

Dental Europe.

Across Europe, dental treatments that are more required are the cosmetic ones, or restorative dentistry, which importance is continuosly growing for aesthetic reasons, but also to improve the functionality of the mouth after tooth decay or loss or trauma, for proper chewing, speaking and for overall health of the body.