Dental tourism Costa Rica.


Dental implants Costa Rica.

In recent years dental treatments cost is rising in many countries, because cost of living is continuosly growing and because of economic crisis; many kind of dental works are necessary and not always people or families can manage the expense. Cosmetic dentistry is another category of dental services for which prices are often expensive, but that is also ever more demanded from patients, since the aesthetic point of view is gaining ground in any social class.

Dental work in Costa Rica. Prices.

Of course alternatives to get high quality dental treatments at affordable prices are available in every country, but recently a new kind of tourism is spreading among people, the so-called dental tourism. In the past, usually patients from so-called developing world came in western countries to have some kind of dental works which it was not otherwise possible to make, due to lacking of materials, instruments or technologies.

Nowadays globalization inverts the trend, and developing countries are now the ones that attract tourists and patients, offering dental treatments of high quality and above all at great prices. Thus people now travel abroad to have a beautiful holiday and their dental treatments done, sometimes both of thing at the same price they would have spent at their dentist.

dental-tourism-costa-ricaCosta Rica dental tourism. The patients.

As regards America, many patients from United States and Canada usually go to Costa Rica, a small country of Central America, which capital city is San Jose, and that is famous for its beautiful cities, history, culture, amazing landscapes and sea.

By now Costa Rica is a popular destination even for dental treatments: according to ‘Euromonitor’, about 90% of plastic surgery and dentistry work in Costa Rica is performed on foreign tourists. Patients go to Costa Rica to visit the country and get dental treatments at lower prices, it seems that they can save from 50 to 70% of dental procedures costs.

Dental tourism Costa Rica. The quality.

But high quality is guaranteed, as results meet and exceed standards of dental care in the U.S. and Canada, dental prostheses and equipment used in the dental clinics in Costa Rica are the same as those used in the U.S. and staff and dentists often study in American or European universities and have high degrees of experience.

Low of prices doesn’t mean any sacrifice of quality of care or materials used in dental procedure, but it’s due the lower cost of living, lower labor and overhead costs and a less paper-burdened bureaucracy.