Temporary tooth filling.


Temporary dental filling.

Very often, when we have to undergo a dental treatment, the dentist can not provide it in just one appointment and we have to come back for a second visit.

In many of these situations, it can happen that our doctor uses a temporary tooth filling, that seals and protect the tooth until the treatment is completed.

A temporary tooth filling is usually a soft material that is placed in the hole of a tooth to protect the pulp until we get our permanent restoration. This kind of solution is often applied in a case of an emergency dental treatment, when we have to wait for a crown or an indirect restoration to be done, or when a tooth needs to be evaluated or time is not available for a permanent filling.

temporary tooth fillingTemporary filling for teeth.

A temporary tooth filling material is also used when we need a long procedure that requires more than one visit, such as a root canal therapy.

In these cases, the tooth is weakened both by cavities both from the treatment itself and requires an additional protection to prevent the food or impurities from entering and to protect the exposed tissues.

Temporary tooth fillings. Materials.

Temporary filling materials are soft products designed to protect the tooth for a certain period and then to be easily removed by the dentist, and for this reason, they can fall out or fracture.

The material used are for example zinc oxide eugenol or glass ionomer cement.

When we receive a temporary protection our dentist will make several recommendations to continue normal daily activities without problems.

First and foremost it is advisable not to chew on the side of filling; later it is possible to chew but trying to avoid hard foods such as peanuts or candy.

As regards oral hygiene you can brush your teeth trying to thoroughly clean the treated tooth without using the toothbrush too quickly and you can use dental floss being careful not to remove the filling. The dentist or dental hygienist can advise us on how to act.

Temporary tooth filling.

A temporary tooth filling can last from a week to a month; if we lose our filling ahead of time it is not serious, but it is best to call your dentist as soon as possible, as the tooth could become infected or you could have other complications.