Diy teeth whitening.


Teeth whitening at home.

As long as teeth whitening is among the most requested dental treatment from people of any age, it is not difficult to find that many brands and industries product over-the-counter alternatives and that there a lot of homemade remedies.

Home teeth whitening. Why.

White teeth are becoming a sign of beauty and healthy, and because of the cost of the in-office procedure (around 500 dollars, even if prices very a lot depending on the dentist, the kind of treatment and other factors), sometimes people try commercial products or the so-called DIY alternatives.

diy teeth whiteningTeeth whitening products.

The bleaching agents commonly used by dentists are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are employed in amounts such as to obtain quick and efficient results; Only your dentist or dental hygienists have these means because the commercial products contain rather much smaller quantities.

In general, DIY remedies produce effects only on the long-term and require a little patience and constancy.

At home teeth whitening. Problems.

Also, we must consider that some substances used to whiten teeth at home can irritate the gums, and are therefore not recommended to those who have sensitive teeth, and teeth whitening will not work on false teeth, crowns and bridges.

Before undergoing any DIY teeth whitening and it is better going to the dentist to check up mouth and teeth conditions and treat any tooth decay or other problems.

The most popular DIY remedies are toothpaste made up of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, which combined with water break the stains on teeth; the toothpaste is obtained mixing two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and one of soda.

This solution seems to be efficient but it might be not easy to mix the right amount of hydrogen peroxide accurately, and it’s important to rinse the mouth with no left any hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.

An excessive use of baking soda can have downsides like sensitivity or damage to the enamel so that it can be used two or three times a week.

Best teeth whitening products.

Another substance for a DIY whitening is activated charcoal (carbon), a substance very used in medicine. To make a toothpaste empty a capsule of activated charcoal onto your toothbrush and add water.

For the same reasons as above, it is crucial to rinse the mouth very well and to check the gums. Moreover, the activated charcoal powder is nontoxic, but you should not breathe it in.

Diy teeth whitening. Others solutions.

Other substances to whiten teeth are vinegar, coconut oil and mint leaves, turmeric, lemon. In any case, the acidic substances can attack the gums or damage the enamel, so it is always best to consult with your dentist and avoid extended use.