White spots on teeth.


White marks on teeth.

Small white spots on teeth are a common condition, and even if are not painful they can cause concern beyond the aesthetical reasons.

According to dentists, white spots can have different origins, depending on the age and the overall health of the patient.

What causes white spots on teeth.

Usually, if the stains are present from childhood or adolescence, they can be caused by an enamel hypoplasia, that means the enamel has not formed properly; it results from nutritional deficiencies, therapeutic side effects, premature births and prenatal smoking. Areas of enamel hypoplasia are less mineralized and more prone to decay.

At the same time, an overuse of fluoride as a child can lead to white spots, and it is called hyperfluorosis, or fluorosis.

Fluoride has to be taken in a balanced amount.

Dental demineralization.

White spots can arise from a demineralization of the enamel, usually related to a poor oral hygiene and the proliferation of plaque; this happens especially in people having orthodontic treatment, and white spots often appear near brackets and bands.

Bad diet habits increase this process because foods and beverages rich in sugar or acids weaken the teeth by eroding the enamel.

white spots on teethCavities.

Other reasons of the appearing of white spots are cavities, as white spots can be the first stage of caries; dry mouth, because when there isn’t enough saliva to keep the pH level of the mouth neutral, bacteria grow; acid reflux; celiac disease; genetic disorders; whitening strips.

When these white spots appear on the surface of the teeth, especially in adulthood, the best thing to do is bring them to the attention of the dentist. There are many treatments to repair the enamel: for example, there is toothpaste with a specific amount of fluoride.

Dental procedures carried out by the dentist are: microabrasion, usually combined with bleaching, it is used to remove a thin layer of enamel and improve the appearance of the teeth; bleaching can be employed alone to balance the colour of the enamel by removing the dark stains on it.

Resin infiltration system is a treatment that consists of filling the pores of the tooth where the white spot is located with a tooth-colored resin.

White spots on teeth.

Finally, if the enamel is too bad damaged, dental veneers are an excellent solution as a cosmetic treatment. Veneers are thin layers made up of ceramic bonded to the front surface of the teeth, a very popular treatment that guarantees optimum aesthetic results.