DIY teeth straightening.


Orthodontic treatments.

The desire to have straight teeth is shared and widespread among people of all ages. In fact, although orthodontic treatments are usually carried out during childhood or adolescence, many adults would like to improve their smile and straighten teeth.

diy teeth straighteningTeeth straightening.

Orthodontic treatments are complex; they can last long and are very expensive; to straighten teeth, patients usually have to wear dental braces, which slowly move teeth and bones in the desired position. This process is very delicate and needs to be planned by experienced dentists or orthodontists. Errors may cause a worsening of the situation.

Because of the cost, some people, especially teenagers, may be likely to find alternative ways to straighten their teeth; many doctors or experts of the sector underline the proliferation of DIY (Do It Yourself) methods. Thanks to the internet, it is not difficult to find videos or tutorials that explain to us how to ‘straighten’ teeth.

Rubber bands.

One of the most popular methods seems to be the one that uses rubber bands to move the teeth.

As a matter of fact, it is likely that someone who tries DIY methods to move teeth would probably spend much more money lately, to straighten teeth and to repair the damages that have been caused.

Even if it is important to straighten teeth (both for the aesthetics and for the overall health), when we don’t suffer from severe crowding or misalignment, it might be best to keep the not perfectly aligned teeth, but take more care of them, learn how to clean them properly, and follow a healthy diet. Otherwise, an orthodontic treatment may be necessary, and in this case, we can take our time to find the most reliable dentist, to search for a second opinion, and to decide on the most suitable treatment and the most affordable conditions of payment.

Surely, self-diagnosis and DIY cares are not recommended by any doctor, because the skills and medical knowledge can not be acquired except by years of study and experience.

DIY teeth straightening.

Anyway, there is some popular suggestion people may follow to prevent their teeth from move further. For example, sleeping on the stomach can cause a regular and gentle pressure on teeth, so it is better to try to sleep on the back or side; the same pressure on teeth can be due to lean the face on the hand throughout the day, that happen to many people working or studying at a desk. Finally, gaps among teeth are to be filled with bridges or implants, because they can lead surrounding teeth to move.