Dental extraction cost.


Tooth extraction cost.

A tooth extraction procedure might be necessary, even though dentists commonly try to avoid it and save the tooth in every way; if one or more teeth are severely damaged, impacted or get lost because of gum problems, an extraction may become the only solution. The cost of the treatment is not cheap, but it can vary a lot depending on several factors: the most important are the area where the extraction is performed, the type of anaesthetic provided, the number of teeth to be removed and the dental conditions.

A dental extraction may be surgical or non-surgical, or simple, and this depends on the position and the characteristics of the tooth; a simple or non-surgical extraction is performed when the tooth is completely erupted and is in a normal orientation and position in the jawbone.

Cost of tooth extraction.

The price for this standard extraction is between 75 and 300 dollars in North America, while in the U.K. is around 53 pounds if performed under the N.H.S., but it can raises to 2,000 pounds if provided by a private dentist. In Western European countries the price seems to be around 70-100 euros.

A surgical extraction is needed when the tooth has not completely erupted from the gum, or it is impacted or has some bone covering it.

dental extraction costTooth removal cost.

A basic surgical removal typically costs from 150 to 300 dollars or more; a soft tissue extraction of a partially impacted tooth can cost more than 200-350 dollars; a partial bony extraction costs between 300-600 dollars. In Europe, a surgical extraction can cost from 150 to 650 euros, depending on the country.

Extraction of a wisdom tooth is more expensive; it can cost 75-200 dollars per tooth for a simple extraction of an erupted tooth, and 225-600 dollars per an impacted tooth. In European countries the simple procedure cost on average 100 euros.

Dental extraction cost. When there is an insurance.

When performed for medical issues, a tooth extraction is usually covered by insurance, and patients may save around 70-80% of the price. These average prices include the procedure and a follow-up visit to check the healing process; additional costs may be due to initial exams or X-ray. A tooth extraction is a procedure usually performed by the dentist or by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.