Teeth whitening pen.


Whitening pen for teeth.

Teeth whitening products are very popular among dental care products, and there is a lot of choices for all budgets and for all needs. Teeth whitening pens are one of the new options everyone can find in the drugstores: this simple device is very smart and effective for a fast whitening, it is easy to use and its results are almost immediate.


Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is a dental treatment that has become very common and it is one of the most requested cosmetic procedure; even if the dentist or the dental hygienist provide bleaching and teeth polishing, nowadays over-the-counter whitening products are very widespread and advertised.

There are whitening toothpaste, rinses, gels, chewing gums and whitening strips, for example, and there are even teeth whitening pens: pens are among the cheapest products, they are a dispenser of a whitening gel, and it is also designed to be used if necessary.

Whitening pen.

Like any other pen, a whitening pen can be carried in a purse, and its shape allows people to correct even small stains or stains that are difficult to reach.

Usually, a teeth whitening pen can be applied twice a day, and the first results will come in about two days. After brushing and drying the teeth, apply the gel on each surface of the tooth; after that, don’t rinse or let the lips to touch the teeth, since the gel needs about a minute to work, and don’t eat or drink for an hour.

Anyway, each pen has its specific instructions; when you use an over-the-counter whitening product it is important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure its effectiveness.

teeth whitening penWhitening teeth pen.

A whitening pen is appropriate for a quick whitening, for a first-time bleaching, or for regular touch-ups, and it is useful against external stains that are usually caused by coloured foods or drinks or smoking; if teeth are stained from the inside due to cavities or dental diseases, or in case of false teeth, only an in-office bleaching may be effective.

Teeth whitening pen.

The dentist or the dental hygienist can help every patient to understand the origins of the colour of the enamel and the most suitable treatment to whiten teeth; moreover, since whitening products contain substances such as carbamide and hydrogen peroxide, that can irritate the gums and are ingested, it is better to use these products carefully and always talk with doctors.