Dental agency.


Dental office.

Every dental office consists of the dentist, the dental specialists, and the staff, a number of collaborators which assist the dentist in his or her work and help to keep the study going with efficiency and professionalism.

The professionals who work with your dentist are many, and their preparation is essential to allow the dentist to work calmly and having confidence in the assistants; the main professional figures are the dental assistants, the nurses and the dental hygienists.

Another major role is that of the secretary, who manages appointments and acts as an interface between the doctor and patients.

Dental office jobs.

A dental agency is a common resource for dentists or dental specialists to find assistants or nurses whose skills and experience are certified and guaranteed. These dental agencies are spread in each Country and they can help professionals if they build their staff ex-Novo or in case they have a permanent staff vacancy or need help with a temporary cover; dental agencies usually provides both temporary and permanent dental staff.

dental agencyDental recruitment.

To recruit professionals to create a new staff, or finding a figure for a temporary cover can be difficult because it requires a lot of time and sometimes candidates are not up to the expectations of the dentist. In these cases, a dental agency is very useful to bypass these intermediate phases, reducing waiting times and carry out a check on the skills and certification of the staff.

Having an effective dental team helps to generate a more professional and profitable business and it is critical to the prestige of the study.

A dental office is made up of many professionals – dentists, dental technicians or technologists, hygienists and therapists – whose work needs to be synchronized, so the secretary or the nurse have a fundamental role; the nurse can also have a big importance in the relationship with the patients, reassuring people and putting them at ease.

A dental assistant assists the dentist by preparing the patient for treatment, sterilising instruments, passing instruments during the procedure, holding suction pumps, and more so that the dental assistant can effectively become the dentist’s extra hands.

Dental agency. The staff.

It is clear that an efficient and qualified staff is crucial to the smooth running of the study, of which no dentist obviously can do without. A dental agency can be a valuable aid in the delicate task of choosing employees or locum staff.