Dentist Turkey.


Dental implants Turkey.

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries of the world and a tourist destination among the most favourite, it is so big that it is possible to find the most different and amazing landscape and seaside, beautiful cities, with ancient and historical buildings, churches and mosques, food, traditions and a culture always to be rediscovered, along with very welcoming citizens.

dentist turkeyDental holiday Turkey.

It is not necessary to remember why so many tourists visit Turkey every year. Another important factor is that prices are really convenient, so it is cheap to stay, eat and drink and the most important cities, like the capital Ankara, in the center of Turkey, Istanbul or Antalya, in the south, are very easy to reach with every means of transport.

Turkey is actually a well-known destination also for who is seeking medical or dental treatments: being very close to Europe, the country offers modern clinics, with the latest technologies and materials of the best quality, to compete with the European standards: every year, hundreds of patients, most of all from Europe, go to Turkey even to receive dental cares.

Dentist in Turkey prices.

In many European countries, the United States or in Canada, some types of dental procedures might be very expensive, even if they are necessary; sometimes people can’t afford the expense, especially when they must face cosmetic or restorative treatments, and travel abroad to find cheaper cares might be their solution.

Dentists and oral surgeons in Turkey, especially those who work in the big cities, are very experienced in working with foreign patients, they speak fluent English and many of them regularly attend European and international dental conferences, discussing future techniques and advances in dental technology.

Dentist Turkey.

Foreign patients that contact a dental clinic in Turkey always receive personal plans of treatment and relative costs before they leave and clinics arrange the flights and airport transfers to the accommodation. Every structure provides all available dental treatments, and prices are so cheap that it is possible to save also 70% of costs: ceramic crowns can cost around 150 euros, a root canal treatment is around 70 euros per tooth; in-office teeth whitening can cost from 280 euros and dental implant procedures that include the abutment made in the U.S., Switzerland or Germany cost starting from 600 euros.