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Dental tourism Romania.

Romania is a large country of Southeastern Europe and a member of the European Union, which it joined in 2007; Romania is a well-known tourist destination for its cities and suggestive natural sides, and it also has a long tradition of health tourism, as the famous National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics demonstrates, opened in the ’70s, along with a great number of health services, wellness centres and clinics, many of which based on medicinal waters.

Dental implants Romania.The quality.

In recent years, Romania has developed another sector of medical tourism, the dental tourism, a practice that allows patients to receive high-quality dental treatments, mainly of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, in countries where prices are generally cheaper. Prices are not the only reason why many people from all Europe and other countries choose Romania: its dentists are among the most renowned in Europe, their training follows the standards of the U.E., they can study in English, French, and Romania, and they usually work abroad, in the U.K. or in the U.S.

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As regarding equipment and technologies, Romanian dental clinics offer advanced tools that totally respect European standards and are often produced in France or Germany; they help the patient in every step of the journey, from the dental care to the accommodation. Prices are consistently cheaper than those applied in many Western European countries because in Romania the overall cost of life is less expensive: it is possible to pay 0.35€/km for taxi fare, 10 – 20 euros for a meal for two in a restaurant, or 1 – 2 euros for a beer.

Of course, even dental treatments are not very expensive: Romania is one of the less high-priced countries of Europe, and patients come from France, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Austria, the United States, Australia or Asia.

Romanian dentist. Prices.

For example, a dental filling can cost from 30 to 70 euros, a simple extraction is around 40 euros and a wisdom tooth extraction costs around 110 euros; a complete dental implant treatment costs from 400 to 900 euros, dental veneers cost 350 euros and teeth whitening is around 230 euros.

Prices vary depending on the extension of the work and the initial situation of the patient, but Romanian dental clinics provide preventive consultation to establish costs and procedures. The principal city where find clinics are Bucharest, the capital, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi.