Travel dentistry.


Dental holidays.

Sometimes, and in some places, going to the dentist and undergo dental treatments are something not so assumed since prices might be high. According to many esteems and researches in countries like the U.S., Canada, Italy, the U.K. or Ireland, there are categories of citizens that have not medical insurance or they don’t regularly go to the dentist, neglecting even basic cares; for example, it seems that in the United States, only 20% of adults sees the dentist twice a year, as everyone should do.

Dental cares are as necessary as any other medical treatments because connections between the health of the mouth and the overall health are obvious and scientific studies have proved that dental plaque, cavities, and gum diseases may be related to pathologies like, among the others, heart attacks, strokes or diabetes.

Dental work abroad.

Anyway, since prices rise every year, there are people that can’t afford dental cares and avoid them. In North America or in Western Europe, there are opportunities to find affordable basic dental treatments, through national health services or dental clinics that apply discounts, but in some cases people decide to travel abroad, looking for cheaper prices.

travel-dentistryDental travel. Low cost destinations.

While in the past citizens from so-called developing countries had to come to the richer world to find dental treatments and technologies not available in their home nations, now there is an opposite trend, and we can see a lot of people practicing so-called dental tourism.

It is a practice born of the fortuitous experience of someone, that was forced to go to the dentist during his or her holidays, discovered that dentists and dental clinics in a poorer country were not so as bad as he or her might fear. By now, medical know-how, equipment, and technologies are wide-spread, many doctors and dentists travel to attend the better schools and come back to their native countries to work, and in some places, dental tourism is especially promoted to improve the touristic industry.

Travel dentistry.

Traveling to get dental treatments is more practiced by people who live close to an international border, even if today is very easy and not expensive to take a flight ticket; there are many countries where to go, like Mexico, Costa Rica, Perù, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia or Thailand. The most common dental cares that patients seek are of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, being these dental specialties usually expensive and not covered by insurances.