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In recent years dental tourism becomes a very popular topic, especially in the countries where dentists’ fees are quite expensive. Dental tourism can be an adequate alternative for people living in Western Europe or North America, who may need cosmetic treatments or extensive dental works, or just in case they require dental treatments and can travel at the same time.

Hungary dentist. Dental tourism Europe.

Dental tourism is now spreading among people living in so-called first world, where cost of dentists are continuously increasing, and it consists of travel abroad to the so-called developing countries and mix up a short holiday with dental treatments; usually, in these countries costs are less expensive but dental procedures and equipment are comparable to those used in the developed countries, materials and technologies are the same and often their dentists studied abroad.

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In Europe, one of the most common destinations for dental works is Hungary, an important country in the East Europe that offers beautiful cities and the possibility to choose among many dental clinics; the capital city is Budapest, easily reaching by airplane, train, car, or buses: in Budapest there are the most part of the dental clinics, but it is possible to go to Mosonmagyarovar, Pecs or Gyor.

Dental tourism Hungary. The clients.

Many patients, especially from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy or Germany, go to Hungary and come back to their home very satisfied of its dentists: they have new dental implants, crowns or porcelain veneers and have had a beautiful holiday in that country, rich of history, historical monuments, and amazing natural landscapes. It seems that within a week spent in Hungary, it is possible to visit the place and undergo dental treatments and save more than a half of the dental expense considered in Western Europe at the same time.

Hungarian dentist. The quality.

Hungarian dentists are among the most qualified in Europe, often they are graduated in the United Kingdom and many of them work in the U.K.; when a foreign patient arrive in Hungary he can find a welcome that is attentive to every detail and the dentists and the staff of the clinics that speak fluent English.

To have an entirely satisfactory experience, it is advisable to talk to your own dentist before traveling, to inform him or her of your choice, then carefully choose the dental clinic and contact it before arriving in Hungary, in order to receive a detailed statement of works and of the costs.