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Dentist Chisinau.

Moldova is a small country of the East Europe, between Romania and Ukraine; its capital city is Chisinau. Moldova it is a quite popular tourist destination for its natural landscape and for history, and it’s famous for its wine tours too. But in recent years, Moldova became popular also for dental tourism, a kind of tourism that takes advantage from cheap destinations to put together a holiday with the dental cares.

In the countries of the Western Europe, North America, and Australia, dental expenses are getting more expensive year after year, because the cost of living are continuously increasing and prices follow the economical trends. In these conditions, sometimes it can be difficult to manage dental cares, especially for families with many children, for people with not high incomes or for patients that have to undergo extensive treatments.

dentist-moldovaDentist in Moldova. The clients.

Moldova is one of the countries that use dental tourist to attract tourists and patients from all Europe, most of all from countries such as Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Spain, where dental prices are among the most expensive.

Moldova is a country where the cost of living is cheap, there is a low-cost labor and so dental and dentist prices can be cheaper than those applied in West Europe countries. Moldovan dental clinics match up with the European standards as regards for quality, hygiene, and equipment, the staff and the Moldovan dentists speak many foreign languages as English or Italian and the dental devices used in the treatments can be produced in Germany, Switzerland or Israel.

Dental tourism Moldova. Prices.

To take a quick look at the prices, a traditional dental implant can cost around 300 euros, an all-in-4 implants treatments about 600 euros, a porcelain crown costs around 90 euros and a porcelain veneers treatment can cost about 200 euros; in these years, travel is very simple, only a passport is required to visit Moldova and there are often low-cost flights to arrive to and come back from this country, so it is possible to have a short holiday in Chisinau or the other Moldavan cities and receive cheap and high-quality dental treatments in Moldova.

Dentist Moldova. The offer.

Dental clinics offer many services for foreign patients, they help them for the accommodation, the transports and patients are qualified for a free quote before they arrive in Moldova.