Dentist Albania.


Albania dental.

Despite its extension, Albania is gaining a new position among European countries, and now it is considered a place where to invest money, a tourist destination and a point of reference for people who wants to study in its universities.

Every field of the economical life of Albania is getting involved in this phase of development and also its dental industry appears to be far more developed than in other countries.

Dental tourism Albania. The clinics.

For these reasons, Albania is becoming a very popular destination for dental tourism and in this country in Southeast Europe is actually possible to find hundreds of dental clinics, in the capital city of Tirana, in many other cities like Saranda, Durazzo or Valone or even in the countryside. Of course, a large part of Albanian economy is focused on tourism, since this country has a lot to offer about cities, culture, food, traditions, amazing landscapes; moreover, the cost of life is really low, and so fees applied by dentists.

dentist-albaniaDental implants Albania. The quality.

But low costs don’t mean that dental treatments are of bad quality, as long as dentists professionalism is guarantee: in recent years Albania has invested in schools and university, many people from all European countries choose to study there, and at the same time, Albanian dentists and specialists move to other countries to improve their skills.

Dental tourism is a wide-spread reality for people that can’t afford dental cares in their home country, so they seek for dental treatments is places where prices are affordable without sacrifice quality: this is possible because nowadays equipment, technologies, and knowledge are quite the same, from the richer countries to the developing ones and with a few money and some time to spend on holiday, it is possible to receive excellent dental treatments.

Dentist Albania. Prices.

Albania is now also a dental tourism destination, and patients come especially from Western Europe, but also from the United States and Canada. Prices are really affordable so that it is possible to save 60% of money: for example, the price to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed can be around 50 euros, a teeth bleaching can cost 150 euros, a complete veneers treatments is around 400 euros.

To have a proof of the quality of treatment and of the actual costs, reports of those who are gone there can be read, and it’s possible to contact the clinics to appreciate their professionalism.