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Dental tourism Europe.

Nowadays it can be difficult to manage dental expense, especially for people living in rich countries like the United States, Canada, the U.K., Germany, Spain, Itlay or Belgium. In these countries, sometimes dental cares may become something luxury, while it is on the basis of overall health, and common people choose to neglect this fundamental duty.

Dental Sk. Treatments.

Usually, national health services cover a part of the expenses, but many important dental treatments are often left out, most of all cosmetic treatments: someone might think that the restorative treatments are not important and that can be avoided, but it is not so: cosmetic treatments are fundamental for a proper functionality of the teeth while chewing and speaking; moreover, missing teeth can lead to many differents problems related to the other teeth, that may change their position, to bones pain or temporomandibular dysfunctions.

In recent years, people requiring cosmetic or restorative treatments decide to travel abroad to cheaper countries, where lower costs of living and lower costs of labor allow the dental clinics to apply less expensive prices.

dental-clinic-bratislavaDentist Bratislava. The offer.

Bratislava is now one of the main city in the East Europe that offers many and high-quality dental clinics, each one offering several dental treatments and services that help the patients in every step of their travel. Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia, it’s a beautiful city with amazing buildings, from medieval towers to grandiose 20th-century buildings.

In Bratislava, dental clinics are numerous and for each one the patient can check the credentials and the dentists who work there; prices are so cheaper that is possible to save on average 70% of expenses if compared with prices in the U.K.: all the clinics offer experienced dentists and specialists, and in some cases English dentists come directly from England to work there.

Dental clinic Bratislava. Services offered.

Dental clinics in Bratislava provide treatments of conservative dentistry, periodontology, and orthodontics; whitening, endodontics and dental surgery are available the same, along with implantology and prosthetics treatments; materials and equipment are certified, usually the clinics give a guarantee on implants and cosmetic dental works which are in line with or in some cases exceeds international standards, but prices are cheap anyway: braces may cost around 350 euros, dental implants prices go from 450 euros, teeth whitening costs on average 190 euros, and a tooth extraction may cost 50 euros.