Toothache remedy.


Remedy for toothache.

Even if a toothache is a very common situation that can occur for many reasons, and it may be a signal for several conditions, going to the dentist is always the best option as this can prevent other severe illnesses or damages.

When a toothache occurs, it can be caused by a dental cavity, a filling lost, an inflammation of the gums or of the other surrounding tissues, or maybe because a tooth is cracking: whatever the cause, the dentist can surely determine the best solution.

toothache-remedyToothache cure.

In cases in which the dentist is not available, some remedies can help people to counterstrike the pain.

As regarding medicines, dentists suggest acetaminophen for children, while for adults ibuprofen is preferred.

How to cure toothache. Natural solutions.

There are also home-made remedies, that are useful, natural and almost without downsides: the most effective are mouthwashes with lukewarm and salty water since salt has disinfectant properties. It is possible to melt down 1 or 2 teaspoon table salt in a glass of water, rinse the mouth and then spit it.

For bleeding gum, hydrogen peroxide can be useful to fight the germs: it has to be used with water as a mouthwash and, as before, rinse the mouth and then spit it.

Cold and ice have a natural power to numb: cold helps to curb pain and swelling in superficial nerves, so an ice pack wrapped in a towel can be applied to the face to help numb the pain; it’s better never apply ice directly to the tooth.

Garlic and oil are two foods used traditionally as toothache remedies, especially for gingivitis. Sunflower or sesame oil can be swirled in the mouth according to the ancient Hindu practice; clove oil is a well-known remedy since the primary chemical compound of this spice is eugenol, a natural anesthetic; it can be applied to the tooth or to the gum with a cotton ball. It’s better to not apply clove oil directly on the gums.

Garlic is a disinfectant too; it is possible to chew a piece of garlic or place chopped bits on the tooth.

Toothache remedy.

Homemade toothache remedies involve many other foods as mint, vinegar, myrrh, ginger, onion, toothache plants. These remedies are only temporary and don’t intervene on the cause of the pain, they are only palliative; it is possible to use them for a temporary relief until the dentist treats the problem.