Mexican dental vacation.


Mexican dental tourism.

Since decades Mexico is becoming a very popular destination for dental tourism, very well-known among patients from every country for its guarantee and not expensive results.

Mexico is, of course, one of the most popular and considered tourist destination, since its beauty, landscapes, culture and archeological sites are renowned and, at the same time, prices are usually cheap.

Medical tourism dental. The globalizations.

Thanks to globalization and the continuos flow of patients from all the world, Mexico is now an option for many people seeking for dental treatments, especially for those who need cosmetic works or extensive dental treatments. Things have changed a lot since the past: now in Mexico, there are many cities that offer high-quality dental clinics and it’s not difficult to check their standards, thanks to the internet or to patients reports.

In particular, there is a city named Los Algodones, near Yuma in Arizona, that is like a dental factory with about 350 dentists work there.

mexican-dental-vacationMexican dental clinics. Low cost dental care.

In Mexico, prices are really low, especially if compared with those applied in Canada and in the United States, and thus citizens of these two countries are the first who choose the ancient reign of the Aztecs for a dental vacation.

Usually, it takes some time to receive cosmetic or extensive dental treatments, at least one week, so it may become really satisfying, or even amazing, to spend this time in Mexico: often it’s possible to undergo dental treatments and to have a holiday and the same save a considerable sum.

The main reasons why dentistry is cheap are inexpensive labor and real estate. Moreover, dentists in Mexico don’t need to charge as much because they don’t graduate with a lot of student debt and the government subsidizes many dentists’ education.

There’s also no high-priced mandatory insurance as there is in the U.S.

Mexican dental vacation. Prices.

Some dental treatments cost a tenth of the price applied in the United States: for example, dental braces can cost from 500-600 dollars; dental bridges from 300-400 dollars, dental implants prices may go from 200 dollars.

Among the recommendations, dentists suggest to choose a renowned dentist, don’t prepay for the dental work in full and avoid booking and pre-paying for local activities before to see the Mexican dentist, as the dental plan can change during the clinical evaluation.