Dental treatment in Poland.


Dental implants Poland.

Dental implants are a kind of restorative treatment to replace missing teeth; with a dental implant it is possible to replace one tooth, more teeth or even all the teeth instead of a denture.

This kind of treatment is very popular, since is considered much better than a denture and can almost turn back to patients their original teeth and their funcionality.

Dental treatment Poland. Implants.

Dental implants consist in root made up of titanium, that are inserted in the jawbone, an abutment, that works as a support for a prothesis and a prothesis such as a crown, a bridge or a denture. An implant is better than a denture because it fuses in the jawbone, so stimulate it and prevent the bone reduction, a typical consequence of tooth loss.

Have a missing tooth is an unhealthy condition, because chewing or speaking can be affected, and the teeth sorrounding the hole can move from their place; moreover a space between teeth can cause aesthetic concerns; despite its importance, dental implant treatments may cost a lot, especially when a full set of implants has to be used.

An efficient option to receive dental implants treatments is to travel abroad and go to less expensive countries that offer guaranteed dental services.

dental-treatment-in-polandDental tourism Poland. The clients.

One of the most popular destination for dental treatments is Poland, a big country in the middle of Europe that represents a well-known and affordable place for the European citizens of the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain. For all of this people, Poland is a common choice, because prices are cheap and quality respects the E.U. guidelines.

According to some esteems, going to Poland is possible to save almost 50% of the dental expenses, even taking into account the costs of the travel and of the accomodation. Prices are low in all the cities, from Warsaw, the capital city, to Krakow, Danzica, Stettino.

Dental treatment in Poland. Costs.

Patients who want to travel to Poland can contact the clinics they choose and find out the best treatments for their situation: prices for a single dental implant go from 400 euros to 1000 euros, with an average of 670 euros; according to different clinics this kind of treatment can be done in 3 days.

Most of clinics also offer so-called all-on-4 dental implants and all-on-6 dental implants, very popular full set of implants procedures to replace all teeth.