Dentist Bulgaria.


Dental tourism Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a small country in the south-east of Europe, well-known as a tourist destination for its culture, tradition and watering places; in recent years Bulgaria become a very popular destination also for dental tourism, because it offers many dental treatments at competitive prices, very low compared with costs priced in other european countries as the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Italy and Spain.

In western Europe dental treatments are sometimes very expensive, since cost of labour and cost of life is rising every year; according to recent esteems the U.K. seems to be to most expensive country for dental services, followed by Italy and Spain.

dentist-bulgariaDental implants Bulgaria. Low cost solutions.

Many times families and people aren’t able to manage dental expenses and national health services don’t guarantee a complete coverage of costs. At the same time, many countries of so-called developing world have started a tourist system focused on medical and dental needs, to increase their tourism sector and increase their proposals.

It can be very worthwhile to practise dental tourism, as it is possible to join together a beautiful holiday and dental treatments and the same save money; moreover, thanks to globalization, knowledge, technologies and materials are quite the same in every country and most of times dentists and specialists are trained in western countries.

Bulgaria dental. Dental clinic Sofia.

Bulgaria offers very high quality dental treatments, dental clinics are spread all over the country and each one ensures professionalism and top quality materials; the most popular destination is Sofia, the capital city, but there are many other cities among to choose.

Among citizens of all Europe, it seems that people of U.K. and Ireland are those who most travel to Bulgaria to get dental services; in 2015, over half a million people from U.K. travelled abroad.

According to, one of the biggest healthcare search engine, the costs of dental services in Bulgaria are 70% lower than those in Great Britain.

Dentist Bulgaria. Prices.

To make a comparison with costs in Ireland, a dental crown price can be around 715 euros while in Bulgaria is around 185 euros; dental implants, that are among the most required dental works, can cost more than 3,000 euros but in Bulgaria prices are very cheaper, since it’s possible to find clinics that price dental implants for about 1,000 euros or less.

It’s very easy to get in touch with bulgarian dentists, send them previous dental exams and plan all the expenses and the times of stay.