Dental implants in Bulgaria.


Dental tourism in Bulgaria.

Dental implants are a common kind of dental treatment to replace one or more missing teeth; this treatment is considered a sort of revolution in restorative dentistry, since it allow a patient to have something like a new root in the jaw and a new tooth or teeth.

A dental implant is composed of a root, an abutment and a dental prothesis such as a crown, a bridge or a denture. It can work even as an orthodontic anchor.

A root resembling device, made up of titanium, is firstly inserted in jawbone; then, usually there is a process of osseointegration and the device fuses in the bone, giving the dental implant a strong solidity, so that it can support physical loads for more than ten years.

dental-implants-in-bulgariaDental implants Bulgaria.

By now dental implant treatments are universally utilized and are considered the best solution in case of missing teeth, because the implant stimulates the gums and prevents the bone reduction; moreover, replace missing teeth has a fundamental role from an aesthetic point of view, but also for overall health, since the teeth surrounding the hole can move from their place and cause problems in chewing and speaking.

Sometimes dental implants treatments can be quite expensive, especially in countries of Western Europe, United States or Canada; since the spread of knowledge and technologies allow many developing countries to provide high quality dental treatments at cheaper prices, dental tourism is a quite popular option for people that need dental works, but want to save money and have a short holiday.

Dentist Bulgaria. Destinations.

In recent years Bulgaria has become one of the most preferred destination for dental tourism, as it mix high professionalism and beautiful cities and landscape. From the capital city of Sofia, to other cities as Varna, Plovdiv or Burgas, many dental clinics offer dental implants at very affordable prices and the quality is always guarantee.

In 2015, over half a million UK citizens travelled abroad to receive dental implant treatments in Bulgaria, equipments match the European standards and dentists and specialists are at the same level, since in the U.K. there is a growing demand for medical professionals trained in Eastern Europe and Bulgarian doctors and dentists are often hired by hospitals and clinics in the U.K.

Dental implants in Bulgaria. Prices.

The prices for a dental implants are in Bulgaria at least an half compared with those applied in Western Europe, or even more. It seems that in U.K. a dental implants treatment may costa round 3,500 euros, while in Bulgaria around 1,100 euros.