White teeth.


Tooth whitening.

Show a brighter smile and white teeth is something a lot of people desires, white teeth may appear more healty than yellow ones and they can improve one’s self esteem and social relationship. Nowadays, tooth whitening is a very popular and not expensive dental procedure sought-after from many patients, most of times it’s easy to be fulfilled and can be done in a dentist office or sometimes at home.

white-teethDental whitening.

Teeth may be not so white depending on different factors: the colour and thickness of the enamel vary from person to person as any other physical characteristics, the thickness of the enamel, if it’s smooth or rough determine the colour and reflection of light on teeth.

There are pores on the enamel that can hold stains; stains may also be caused by use of tobacco, same kind of foods like coffee, wine or thé, exposure to too much fluoride as a child, tetracycline antibiotics, a bad oral hygiene, age.

Office whitening.

In office whitening, or chairside bleaching, is a dental treatment that usually requires one visit and consists in application of a whitening agents on teeth: bleaching is obtained with two main substances, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

The dentist also uses a special gel or a rubber shield to protect gums.

Some whitening agents are activated by a laser light, special lights or by the heat from these lights. If teeth are badly discolored, the dentist may suggest to continue the bleaching process at home for a few days or weeks.

In office bleaching is the most preferred solution for many reasons, to reach the same results at home it’s not quite easy: first of all commercial products to whiten teeth, such as toothpastes, rinses, whitening strips or gums, brush-on whitening, contain lower concentrations of bleach, secondly there are some points to consider.

Bonding material and fillings cannot be whitened with bleach, and so teeth that have had root-canal treatments, ceramic or porcelain crowns or veneers; gums are particularly delicate and may be irritated by whitening products.

White teeth.

One fundamental premise to undergo tooth whitening procedure is to have healthy teeth and gums, so for example, cavities need to be treated before teeth are whitened. If gums have receded, the exposed roots of your teeth may appear yellow but whitening products will not make them whiter.

Tooth whitening is usually a safe procedures, but some categories have to pay particular attention, like people with gum diseases or pregnancy or nursing women.