Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening.


Peroxide teeth whitening.

Tooth whitening is a common dental treatment, that is spreading among people as it improve brightness of the smile or it may return teeth their natural white colour.

The colour of the enamel may be darkened as a result of the action of different substances, like tobacco, foods, coffee, the, wine, the use of some kind a medication with tetracycline, or the exposures to too much fluoride as a child, stains can appear on the enamel and hide the white of the teeth.

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Teeth may become dark because of age, or we can born with yellow teeth as it is a genetic characteristic; nowadays tooth bleaching is very much esteemed by people and this kind of dental procedure may be apply at home or at the dentist office.

One of the main bleaching agents is hydrogen peroxide, a very well-known substance made up of two molecule of hydrogen and two of oxygen, that is commonly used most of all as a disinfectant or antiseptic; as regards tooth whitening, hydrogen peroxide is useful to break stains upon teeth and because it can easly reach every places of the mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide teeth.

Its use in dentistry is ruled by law, since it is a chemical substance that needs a proper utilization; in the European Union, the free sale of oral hygiene products to consumers is only authorised if they contain no more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, while in the U.S. whitening products with considerably higher concentrations are sold, sometimes as much as 10%.

In-office bleaching, dentists generally use relatively high levels of whitening agents, for example 25–35%, for rapid treatments.

For these reasons in-office bleaching is more efficient and more safe, since the dentist can plan a customized treatment and obtain the result according to the starting state of teeth; the dentist can manage every side effects, like tooth sensitivity and gum irritation and fulfill the proper tooth bleaching for teeth with cavities, crowns, bridges or root-canal treatments.

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening.

In these times the use of hydrogen peroxide at home is very popular and there are a lot of homemade solutions to whiten teeth, like baking soda, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, peppermint leafs and, of course, hydrogen peroxide: it is important to use a very small quantities of hydrogen peroxide and remember that some dentists strongly discourage its use for bleaching, as it can be dangerous for teeth and gums and because it can be ingested.