Esthetic dental treatment.


Cosmetic dentistry.

Researches about esthetic dental treatments have begun more than twenty years ago, but in recent years they get out of the way among dental studies and esthetic treatments are always more sought after from patients for many reasons. Esthetic or cosmetic treatments, even if these two adjectives express two different pourposes – the first is more focused on appearance, while the second on reproduction of natural properties of teeth – have not only esthetic aims, but they can also be necessary for a better quality of life, to restore functionality of the mouth or to correct teeth alignment or jaw irregularities.

esthetic-dental-treatmentEsthetic dentistry. The many areas.

Nowadays esthetic dental treatments include different dental specialty as prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and periodontics. It is possible to intervene on teeth, as regards the colour, the shape, the state of the enamel, or replacing or restoring one or more teeth, with esthetic services we can reshape the gums or we can correct the jaws.

Not all the esthetic treatments may be successful and not all results are always guarantee, for this reason, in the last years there have been a lot of progress in technologies to identify esthetic problems and discuss the alternatives; clinical photography and smile design are some of the essential means for enhanced predictability and improved treatment success.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures. Materials used.

Among the esthetic dental treatments there is dental or composite bonding: a dental composite material that looks like the enamel is placed on chipped or broken teeth or it can be applied into a cavity of the tooth; then, it is sculpted and hardened to create an invisible restoration of the structure of the tooth. Gum contouring is used to reshape gum line or to correct little irregularities. Teeth whitening is a popular treatment to whitener teeth or to remove stains on teeth. Dental veneers are small shells of composite resins or porcelain that are stuck on each tooth to reshape teeth appearance, repair chips and cracks, fill the gaps between teeth.

Restorative procedures include dental bridges, a bridge device to replace missing tooth or teeth; dental crowns, or caps, used to repair badly decayed or damaged teeth; dental fillings, used to fill cavities, it can be of composite resin materials or amalgam; inlays or onlays, restorations used to repair cracked or damaged teeth; dental implants, like tooth roots embedded in the jaw that support false tooth or other prosthetic devices.

Esthetic dental treatment. Partial or total denture, used to replace missing teeth.

Orthodontic treatments improve the symmetry and alignment of the teeth and jaw and include invisalign, most used by adults, and braces.