Best teeth whitening products.


Cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening is a common-known cosmetic treatment to improve and bleach the colour of the enamel; teeth may darken with the age, due to the use of some kind of medications, trauma, tobacco, or they may be stained by coloured foods or drinks like wine, tea and coffee. This type of dental service can be done at the dentist office or at home, since there are a lot a industrial products that can be bought without medical prescription. Anyway treatments are done, the whitening agents are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide that break stains on teeth.

best-teeth-whitening-productsTeeth whitening products. The product compositions.

For different reasons professional teeth whitening is worth doing because products used by dentists have an higher percentage of hydrogen or carbamide, whitening gels used by dentists usually have a 25% to 40% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, and guarantee a customized result with the management of the downsides.

Teeth bleaching. Some possible risks.

Even if teeth bleaching is a save procedure, there are some risks connected with the possibility of gums irritation, allergies or consequences related with a over-ingestion of whitening substances.

Teeth whitening cost.

The whole treatment costs around 500 or 600 dollars, but many dentists offer discounts.

By the way commercial products may be a good alternative to professional whitening, many studies availables on internet help people in the choise of the most suitable and there are some advices to follow before try some of them.

Patients may also ask their dentist for recommendations or suggestions.

To find a good and effective teeth whitening product could be not as easy as one can imagine because whitening kits and products are a lot and the same item may have different results on different people. Yellow teeth have more chances to become whiter than grey teeth, and whitening items usually don’t make teeth whiter but just remove stains.

Best teeth whitening products. Prices.

Commercial treatments can cost from 30 to 60 dollars and include gels, chewing gums, rinses, toothpastes, paint-on films and whitening strips; according the American Dental Assosiation, teeth whitening products must have not more than 10% hydrogen peroxide or 35% carbamide peroxide and items that don’t expose the list of their ingredients are not recommended. After a carefully choice patients have to try products to find the most effective and suitable and remember that in case of lack of results or other problems they can turn to the dentist.