Abscess mouth.


Tooth abscess.

Abscess in mouth is a very grieves condition, caused by the accumulation of white blood cells, bacteria and plasma into the tissues surrounding the tooth. This accumulation causes the virulent infection painful, called abscess in the mouth, which can have serious consequences if it is underestimated and, if not brought immediately to the attention of the dentist.

Dental abscess. The causes.

Abscess in the mouth can be of various types: Periodontal dental abscess if the infection is the responsibility of the gum or bone around the tooth. You have an abscess in the mouth that affects the dental pulp. Abscess in the mouth can be the consequence of a serious injury or tooth decay untreated, or pus between the teeth. There can be several causes for abscess in the mouth, such as for example diseases such as AIDS or diabetes, poor oral hygiene, reflux, therapy with corticosteroids, smoking, alcoholism.

abscess-mouthTooth infection symptoms.

It is hard to miss an abscess in the mouth, as the symptoms are quite unmistakable. Who has an abscess will try a bad toothache, more or less localized, the gums may swell, his jaw becomes swollen, your teeth are sensitive, you may have fever and also swollen lymph nodes. When two or more of these symptoms occur, it is best to visit your doctor to check if you have abscess in the mouth. In this case, the treatment should begin as soon as possible. Your doctor may administer antibiotics, painkiller, after making the diagnosis. Usually for a mouth abscess diagnosis it is quite simple and straightforward. Do not underestimate abscesses because their consequences, if left untreated, can be serious. Abscess in the mouth may spread the infection to the rest of the body.

Abscess mouth. The possible consequences.

A form of abscess in the mouth less severe and complicated is that of the gingiva. Abscess of the gingiva can be the result of an infectious process. Also it should not be underestimated. The consequences of an abscess in the mouth that is untreated can be serious especially when the patient is ill or immunocompromised. You must periodically check the health of teeth with dental visits to ensure that there are no cavities or abscesses.