Teeth health.


Dental health.

In recent years things are really changed about teeth and oral health; while in the past teeth were considered something that could be removed and almost useless, and thus there was a spread use of total dentures, now there is more awareness about teeth health and its importance. Teeth health is strictly connected with bones health and posture problems and some teeth or gums diseases might lead to facial, ears or neck pain or have consequences on heart.

teeth-healthCare of teeth. Prevention.

As doctors say, prevention is better than cure and even if every person has different necessities, there are some general rules that can help to prevent cavities and protect teeth health.

The function of teeth is to chew and to start digest food, they help us to talk and pronounce different sounds clearly and help to give our face its shape, so dentists recommend to not improperly use them as, for example, pliers, ice or other hard food crushers, knot looseners or bag or bottles openers.

Teeth health is mostly preserved with oral hygiene, health diet and habits and regular check-ups.

Teeth care. Brushing.

About oral care it consists basically in brushing and flossing: brushing is recommended at least two times a day with a proper toothpaste; brushing has to be firm but soft, with the bristles at a 45-degree angle to the teeth and an oval motion rather than raking the brush side to side across the teeth. Prebrush rinses are not substitute for brushing.

A brush wouldn’t be used more than three months and usually dentists prefer brush with soft designation. Flossing can be made once a day, and, if possible, an interdental brush might be better from an ecological point of view.

Brushing and flossing are fundamental to oppose proliferation of plaque, the first cause of tooth decay and gums diseases. For the same reasons a health and balanced diet is strongly recommended by dentists: is well known that sugar is what bacteria eat, so it is a substance to use in moderation and it is better to avoid sugary snacks between meals and reduce starchy food.

Teeth health. The critical factors.

Teeth health can be compromised by other different substances such as tobacco, drugs or some kind of antibiotics.

Regular dental check-ups are also recommended to control teeth health, to prevent diseases or intervene before they became more seriously.