Orthodontic bands.


Orthodontic elastics.

As most of teenagers know, orthodontic bands are orthodontic items, very similar to ring, that are used to anchor an appliance to the teeth or to fasten an archwire to the molars. Orthodontic bands are made up of stainless steel and can be plain or with brackets, depending on necessity.

The ones with brackets have a sort of hooks to allow the use of removable elastics or other devices. Both plain and brackets bands have a small sleeve where the archwire slides into and so to allow the movement or stabilization of the molars with orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic bands can be of different size and are customized for each patient, since the dentist measures the size of the teeth; this kind of bands have to stay fixed in their place and so they are temporally cemented on teeth with a special cement.

Orthodontic elastic bands. Other informations.

Orthodontic bands are able to take the chewing forces on the posterior teeth, they are usually very durable and not easy come away, with the disadvantage that the dentist can’t detect if a cavity is forming under a band until it is removed: for this reason some orthodontists may prefer the use of bonded brackets in the posterior region of the mouth.

orthodontic-bandsOrtho bands. Where are applied.

Orthodontic bands are applied on the back of the mouth, on molars or premolars.

Usually a week before the dentist place the bands, separators are used between teeth to create the space and allow the insertion of bands; separators can be of metal or rubber; someone suggests to try to leave the separator in place before the next appointment, because if it falls out it usually means that the space has been created.

Even if orthodontic bands are cemented, they can come loose; this can happen for different reasons, as for example the habit of chewing ice or chewing on pens or pencils, biting on hard food or candies, a change in bite, a failed bond between the tooth and the band.

Orthodontic bands. Recommendations.

In case a band is loose it is important to call the orthodontist, since a loose band can be a dangerous situation: patients can swallow it or choke on it. If the orthodontist is not reachable, doctors suggest to go to the hospital or, if possible, try to lift the loose band off of the tooth with fingers.