Family dental center.


Family dentistry.

Family dental centers are medical centers structured to accommodate patients of every ages and with specific dental problems.

Dental needs are an essencial part in general health care and when families are big or have children it may be difficult to manage every health cost, from an economical point of view or for lack of awareness.

Family dental centers, that are very numerous in every country, are an excellent solution for families, because necessities are several and different from age to age and usually dental diseases or pathologies, as any other illness, can be inherited, so it could be very useful to have all the members of the family be treated in the same center.

family-dental-centerFamily dental care. The offer.

These centers offer every kind of treatments, classic dentistry or cosmetic works for adults, child dentistry, since children, from toddlers to teenagers, have different needs and require specific treatments, as for example fluoride applications, braces or orthodontics; orthodontic services, dentures or dental implants for the older members. The wide range of possible operations determines that family dental centers provide preventive services and dental and orthodontic treatment, with an integrated performance designed for the whole family.

Family dental clinic. The presence of different specialists.

Cooperation of different medical specialists is as important as prevention, and in these centers usually dentists make patients aware of their necessities and those of their children. In the early ages of life it may be difficult to follow a proper oral care, as toothbrush is not easy to manage and children couldn’t be conscious of importance of brushing teeth; moreover they sometimes eat or drink too much sugar and parents have to control their diet.

Older patients or adults with dental implants, crowns and bridges, partial or total dentures have to mantain a constant daily hygiene, since artificial devices may require more hygiene to slow down deterioration.

Family dental center. The advantages.

Family dental centers may be a resource also from the economical point of view, since it would be easier to plan treatments or to obtain discount; especially for children, routine check-ups can help alleviate dental problems before they become serious and expensive. According to Oral Health America, the cost of preventive dental treatment is 10 times less than the cost of managing symptoms of dental disease in a hospital emergency room.