Dentist for children.


Dentistry for children.

Toddlers, children and teenagers are special patients for dentists, due to the characteristics of their young age and of their teeth. A regular dentist can obviously help every family with the necessities of its youngest members, but a dentist for children, or pediatric dentist, follows a specialized program of study; pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty that includes two or three additional training years focused on management and treatment of children developing teeth, child behavior, physical growth and development, and the special needs of children’s dentistry.

dentist-for-childrenPediatric dentist. Its importance.

In young ages dental needs changing very fast and is important that parents watch carefully what their children drink or eat, according to esteems cavities are the first reason of dental problems; children have to learn how to proper care of their teeth since the early stages of their life and the importance of having a healthy mouth.

Hygiene is the most important issue and then nutrition, since people, and also children, eat and drink a lot of sugar, with snacks, sugary drinks and starchy diets and this lead to recurring caries and to other health problems.

Childrens dentist. The benefits for patients.

Pediatric dentist will help the family with all dental necessities of children: for example for babies it is better to buy small and softly toothbrush, that have to be used at least once a day at bedtime and to carefully chose a specific toothpaste; parents ask a lot about thumb and pacifier sucking habits, that may become a problem when babies go on for a very long period of time: if they are still sucking past the age of three, a mouth appliance may be recommended.

Also, it’s very important to take care of primary or baby teeth, for many reasons. Doctors say that not only they help children speak clearly and chew naturally, but also aid in forming a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt.

Dentist for children. Why?

As a teenagers, children may require orthodontic appliances, or some of them may be at higher risk for dental problems, for example, those prone to baby bottle tooth decay or those with cleft lip or palate. In these cases dentists will plan a program of intervention.

Generally for children, dentists recommend a check-up every six months, in order to prevent cavities and other dental problems.