Dentistry in China.


Dentist in China.

Health care in China. Physicians, clinics and hospitals.

China health care is widely available, with clinics in every village. Here too perfect teeth costs much less than in the rest of the world. There are different types of dentists, as in the rest of the world. Here is a semi-serious guide to the intricate world of dentists in Shanghai.

It is clear that being advised, search the internet, read reviews from other clients in the various forums for foreigners and ask friends is essential.

Their are several indigenous studies with low prices and excellent quality of service. The most important thing? Before going “under the knife” always ask that show you the license.

You have chosen an international clinic. Yes, but what nation? According to the forum of expatriates the best studies are those Koreans, Japanese and Hong Kong.

Accreditation of education is very important for maintaining and improving education quality. With the development of modern dental education, more and more attention is being paid to accreditation of dental education in China. Current accreditation of dental education in China is called “dental education evaluation”. By using a systematic review, this paper aims to provide the general profile of the standards and process of dental education evaluation in China (DEEC).

dentistry-in-chinaHow to be sure your lab work is not from a foreign country?

This is a hot topic in dentistry now. The lab the dentist uses may outsource its lab procedures to foreign countries to save money. Some of these foreign labs work for use materials and have no standard of care for sanitization or material composition (like lead in crowns). Some dentist that send work to larger labs may not even be aware where the lab work is sent. The patient needs to be vigilant and ask the questions to the dentist and ask for lab info and if the dentist is good they know exactly where they are getting their work.

Dental Implants Made in China

As far as the actual implant itself, as long as it is a major brand (Astra, Zimmer, Straumann, are examples) the quality standards are very high and you don’t need to worry about where they manufacture their products. Custom abutments and crowns are another matter. Often these are porcelain fused to metal crowns which contain nickel instead of a precious metal such as gold. The issue with nickel is that many people, particularly women, are allergic to it.

Dentistry in China. The quality of materials.

This increases the chances of problems later on. These are the types of crowns that are frequently made offshore for a very low cost and with questionable quality. Ask your dentist where lab work is sent.