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Globalization enhances the phenomenon of Dental Tourism

Economic convenience and saving time are the levers on which points the phenomenon of dental tourism.

Dental tourism is a growing phenomenon globally. There are numerous factors that increase: the high cost of local care, long waiting lists for reservations, low cost of tickets, the internet that allows you to bring together the supply and demand with a click. The main reason why more and more patients are forced to cross national borders for dental care lies in the low cost of dental services.

Every year thousands of Italians attend antenatal dentists in Croatia.

There are two main reasons that push more and more people to choose dentists in Croatia to treat dental diseases:

-very low prices

– saving of time

dental-tourism-croatiaDental implants in Croatia.

First, it is important to note that in most cases there travels in Croatia for implantology, which are the most expensive. The prices of dental implants offered by dentists in Croatia or in Hungary and other Eastern European countries are undoubtedly lower. The reason for this discrepancy lies in the different taxation.

Abroad is around 20%. Therefore the rates are necessarily different expenses also to manage the study and adjust it to the current regulations in terms of safety for employees and patients are significantly lower. This heading eg material costs, rents, equipment, various certifications materials, professional development, the employees salaries.

Dentist in Croatia. All incluse formula.

Furthermore, the journey to Croatia and accommodation are free because they paid entirely by the dental clinic.

The intervention times of Croatian clinics are on average lower. This often happens because in foreign clinics are preferred as therapeutic options of implant treatments that normally require fewer appointments to be completed as opposed to more complex therapies such as functional recovery of natural teeth or complex periodontal treatments.

Globally, the training of dentists and dental assistants, dental offices to the tax legislation, the granting of licenses to dentists and quality of dental services is high.

Dental tourism Croatia. The assistance.

And it is thanks to the web that those who need low cost dental treatments, have the opportunity to receive full assistance for the organization of the trip and reach the dental clinics. There are tour operators who carry on the web an intermediary role between patient and dentist.