Dental surgery.


Oral surgery.

Dental surgery is a medical procedure to modify dentition with surgery: it concernes teeth and jaw bones. Dental surgery includes several kind of operations to correct teeth alignment, to repair damage teeth, manage jaw-related problems and in other different conditions.

Dental care. Some types of dental surgery.

There are many types of dental surgery, the most common are the endodontic like root canal, pulpotomy, pulpectomy; the prosthodontic, such as crowns, bridges, veneers, implant, dentures or a combination between these two; orthodontic treatment as extractions; periodontics; oral or maxillofacial surgery.

dental-surgeryTeeth surgery.

Dental surgery is not as unsual as one might think, since it is needed in many common situations: for example, wisdom teeth represent the most tipical occasion. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that develops (some people even don’t have them) and it might happen that they don’t emerge in the proper alignment, because the jaw is not large enough and there is not space in the mouth, or they don’t succeed in come out from the gum completely. This causes swelling, pain and infection of the gum that can be resolve only with surgery; the same scenery may occur for any other impacted tooth.

Dental surgery can be required also in case of tooth loss, both due to an accident or infection; a dental implant can be insert in the jaw as an alternative to bridges and denture, since implants are tooth root substitutes surgically anchored in the jawbone with an artificial tooth attached to them. Dental implants are more suitable for patients with an adequate bone level and density that are supposed to maintain a good oral hygiene levels after the operation.

Jaw-related problems that can be resolved with dental surgery procedures are cases of unequal jaw growth, when the upper or the lower jaw grows not properly and causes difficulty in speaking, eating, swallowing and breathing, or problems related with dentures and it may be necessary to correct irregularities of the jaw to improve fit of dentures. Dental surgery may be useful either in cases of temporomandibular joint disorders, a common source of facial pain and headache.

Dental surgery. Other fields of application.

Other situations for application of dental surgery are needs of facial injury repairs, cleft lip or cleft palate repairs, some kind of lesions, biopsy, facial infections or in cases of snoring or sleep apnea.

During many treatments and particularly after dental surgery procedures, more frequent cleaning and examination may be necessary.