Dental services.


Dental care. A lot of treatments

Dental services are the different kind of treatments that patients may require according to their needs. There are a several numbers of works, both for teeth and for gum, that vary from most simples to the most complicated, for which many visits might be necessary. Then there are cosmetic services, high-priced treatments that have an aestethic purpose.

Dental services are generally divided into categories like general, specialty and cosmetic or such as preventive, basic and major: these categories are important for dental insurance or dental discount plans and for the different costs that can be applied. According to specialistic internet sites, among preventive or diagnostical services there are examinations, x-rays, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, tooth sealants. Most commons or generals services can include also dental fillings, crowns and bridges.

dental-servicesDental treatment. Basic services.

Basic services are emergency care for pain relief, different kind of fillings, routine tooth extractions, root canal treatment, orthodontics, recementing dental crowns, stainless steel crowns; some clinics include also affordable dentures and implants.

Among major services are included inlays and onlays, more complex kind of crowns, bridges or tooth implants, complex oral surgery works, partial or complete dentures, denture repairs, different kind of orthodontic treatments; cosmetic dentistry includes teeth whitening and veneers.

Dental service. Many different services.

There are several kind of dental services but it is possible to identify the most common ones: fillings and repairs, root canals, sealants, dental crowns, bridges and implants, tooth removal, dentures.

Fillings or repairs can be needed when the tooth has been damaged by bacteria (cavities) or by trauma; different materials can be choosen to repair teeth, the most common are composite fillings made of resin. Root canal is a treatment to save a badly damaged tooth instead of extracting it: it consists in removing the pulp, cleaning the remaining space then filling and sealing it.

Sealants are plastic materials placed on the chewing surface of the permanent back teeth to help protect them from bacteria and acids that contribute to tooth decay.

Dental services. Crowns.

Dental crowns, or caps are dental restorations that protect damaged, cracked or broken teeth; bridges and implants are two works for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

A tooth extraction can occur when the tooth is broken or damaged by severe decay; it is removed from its socket in the bone.

A denture or a complete denture is an appliance that is inserted in the mouth and replaces natural teeth.