Dental discount.


Dental discount plans.

In these years dental discounts, dental discount plans or alternative ways of saving money for dental treatments are very much investigated by people in every country, as the cost of dentist works are continuously increasing. Especially in north-american and european countries costs of living is very expensive and people with low salaries couldn’t be able to pay dentist’s fees, as sometimes government’s health programs don’t cover certain kind of dental cares or new polices cut off healthcare funds.

dental-discountLow cost dental clinic.

When patients can’t benefit from governments’ healthcare system, they have to go to private dentists and bills can be very high-priced; there are some kind of payments that are being implemented in these years, for example maintenace plans, so-called capitation plans or another option is whether your dentist might be able to arrange an interest-free loan. In some countries is possible to find clinics that offer discounted prices for every treatment, as they know that a lot of people can’t afford dental care costs.

Along with classic health insurances, now there are dental discount plans, usually a membership based plans that allow patients to pay discounted prices for dental works by enrolling in dental network providers. Dental discount plans are usually less expensive than a dental insurance and it seems they encourage regular check-ups; these kind of plans are considered very useful as they are customized on patient need and because they are more flexible and sometimes cover cosmetic works.

Dental tourism.

For dental cosmetic and extensive treatments there is also a recent trend that refers to dental tourism: according to a research by the ‘International medical travel journal’, which compared dental treatment costs in nine european countries, dentists prices across Europe are really different so that a standard filling cost can range from €8 in Hungary to €156 in England. United Kingdom resulted to be the most expensive country for dental care, followed by Spain and Italy.

Dental discount. Dental travels.

It seems that thousand of patients travel every years from England or from Ireland to Hungary or to Poland to have dental works done at lower prices with high quality standards, and the same is in other countries as the United States, where almost 500,000 people travel every years to Mexico, Philippine, Costa Rica or India.