Tooth abscess.


Dental abscess.

Tooth abscess is one of the phenomena that most worries people who have dental problems. It is a buildup of bacteria, plasma, pus and white blood cells that remain incorporated in the tissue surrounding the tooth. There are different types of tooth abscess, phenomenon which can be especially painful. Tooth abscess may be caused by the presence of cavities, or from injuries that cause infection of the teeth and gums. To try to keep away tooth abscess we need to maintain good dental hygiene, be careful for intervention at the teeth, avoid smoking and alcoholism. Among the causes of tooth abscess are also diabetes, AIDS, certain therapies.

tooth-abscessTooth abscess symptoms.

The symptoms of tooth abscess are a great toothache, swollen gums, bad breath, a hypersensitivity of the teeth, in some cases, fever and swollen lymph nodes. The doctor diagnoses tooth abscess tapping into the swollen area and listening to the symptoms reported by the patient, possibly with pus samples and dental film. Treat tooth abscess is particularly important. The infection is painful and should be treated as well as possible. Always be careful to choose quality centers to undergo dental operations, given that the use of non-sterile equipment can cause this problem, and also other ones.

Gum abscess. Low cost solutions.

Treat tooth abscess low cost is possible in economic dental centers, where the use of secured instruments and professionalism are at home, along with the increasingly low cost and accessible to all. Tooth abscess should not be underestimated by sufferers. If you experience the symptoms listed above, and you think you have a dental abscess, then immediately call your regular dentist and make an appointment.

Tooth abscess.The problem.

Tooth abscess is an infection and therefore your doctor will give you an antibiotic cure, and if you need it will also give you pain medication to ease the pain. In some cases the doctor also needs to eliminate pus, and he will drainage pus from the gum. Remember to maintain always good oral hygiene to prevent this and other dental problems and avoid the use of alcohol and smoking, because they favor the onset of this painful phenomenon.