Mouth abscess.


Tooth abscess.

Mouth abscess is a very painful phenomenon which occurs when the bacteria reach the pulp of the tooth, and then causing the abscess. Mouth abscess is caused by a collection of pus, white blood cells and bacteria that is formed in a cavity, close to the tooth. The abscess causes pain whenever you try to eat in contact with hot and cold food. This is a very annoying and painful infection because of the fairly specific symptoms: localized pain, inability or difficulty chewing, swelling of the jaw, halitosis.

Tooth abscess symptoms.

The infection is often placed in the gum. In some cases, symptoms of mouth abscess may be fever, swollen lymph nodes, and swollen gums. When you hear some of the symptoms described above, you can then think about having a Mouth abscess. You have to consult your dentist and make an appointment in order to make the diagnosis. The diagnosis of Mouth abscess is quite simple: the doctor takes note of the symptoms reported by the patient, if necessary analyzing a sample of pus and calls for the X-ray to assess whether there is damage.

mouth-abscessDental abscess treatment.

Once the doctor has diagnosed mouth abscess, may prescribe an antibiotic treatment, or the administration of painkillers drugs, and the drainage of pus to speed healing. There are some causes, or risk factors, that may increase the incidence of mouth abscesses. Among them there are wrong interventions in the mouth, reflux disease, diabetes, AIDS, smoking and alcoholism. To avoid mouth abscess you need to focus on prevention. Proper oral hygiene and lack of behaviors that pose risks are a good prevention. However, if you suspect that you have a mouth abscess, you should contact the doctor as soon as possible. The risk, if you wait, is that the infection can spread to the rest of the body.

Mouth abscess.

There are several types of mouth abscess, but they are all painful. Mouth abscess can lead to complications such as abscess rupture, which causes the diffusion of pus. Or if mouth abscess is left untreated the infection can become a cyst or fistula and can invade areas of the head and neck: it is a dangerous prospect. Mouth abscess in immunocompromised or diabetic may be even more dangerous, which is why we must pay particular attention to the prevention and diagnosis.