Dental whitening.


Dental whitening.

Often you do not go to the dentist only for a health reason, but also for an aesthetic reason. Dental whitening is one of the most popular treatments in absolute dentists: it is a treatment that allows you to whiten your teeth, which with over the years, partly because of improper hygiene or incorrect behavior, take on a yellowish color. Dental whitening is the solution for those who want to get white teeth and shiny-looking, thus improving the aesthetics of the mouth.

Stained teeth, causes.

First we must know that certain behaviors cause the yellowing of the teeth as eating licorice, tea and coffee, smoking and use with artificial food dyes causes the teeth to lose their whiteness. Also a lack of oral hygiene allows the accumulation of tartar on the teeth. In these cases dental whitening is necessary to restore the teeth aesthetically pleasing tone.

dental-whiteningWhite teeth. Solutions.

There are several ways of getting dental whitening: the best is the one that provides professional whitening. In this case the dental whitening is done directly by the dentist by a rubbing method or a chemical one. Dental whitening can be performed by the dentist, on request. Most people do dental whitening least twice a year, given that the teeth tend naturally to turn yellow. The dentist gets dental whitening using a gel with hydrogen peroxide, which releases oxygen that allows bleaching. The intensity of the dental whitening during the treatment therefore depends on the amount of substance that is released on the teeth. Usually dental whitening is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years, or to pregnant or nursing women.

Dental whitening.

Also once the seat of dental whitening is finished you should avoid for 24 hours any intake of food and beverages foods and smoke. The cost can vary greatly, however many dental centers offer sessions of dental whitening low cost accessible to all and with excellent results. In some cases, dental whitening can be performed with the laser, and the procedure is called “bleaching”. This type of dental whitening is very effective, and the result is already visible from the first session made with the laser.