Dental Cavity.


Dental caries.

Dental cavity is one of the most common dental problem in the population. Dental Cavity Dental infection is characterized by a very slow process, by means of which some microorganisms attack the tooth and begin to spread in depth. Precisely because of the slow progression, initially dental cavity is asymptomatic. Once the process reaches a certain depth, the affected person begins to feel toothache, hypersensitivity, and halitosis. Dental cavity is a phenomenon that must not be underestimated, especially in children. In fact, dental cavity can lead to severe consequences such as tooth abscess, cysts, pulpitis, and even periodontal disease. Dental cavity can be caused by several factors. Among the most common ones we can remember the deposit of plaque, smoking, poor nutrition and too rich in sugar, but also shape of the teeth. To combat dental cavity, the best weapon is prevention.

Cavities in teeth. The importance of prevention.

Prevention against dental cavity is the proper nutrition that avoid abuse of sugar, in the oral care ( you have to wash your teeth after every meal), and avoiding smoking. It is estimated that pregnant women and children are the most affected by this type of dental infection. 

What causes tooth decay.

All teeth can be affected by dental cavity: the attack of the bacteria can go up to the pulp of the tooth, causing great pain and discomfort. In fact dental cavity develops in a progressive manner: first attacks the surface of the tooth, the enamel, and after that continues to fall in the tooth. Arrived to penetrate the dental pulp, dental cavity can evolve into forms of serious infections. You must call the dentist when you can see the first signs of dental cavity. We have to be very careful about the oral health of children and check their teeth regularly.

dental-cavityDental Cavity.

There are many types of dental cavity: for example, those acute, chronic, ect. If you realize that you have dental cavity you must immediately appeal to your dentist. Before the infection is caught more the treatment will be effective. One of the most useful remedies is the filling treatment. In cases of very severe dental cavity the dentist proceed with the devitalization of the tooth, or with the extraction, but only if it is not possible to use filling.