Abscessed tooth.


Dental abscessed.

Abscessed tooth is a widespread phenomenon in the population. It is a small bulge of the gum, containing pus, bacteria, blood cells and other debris. Abscessed tooth is a consequence, more often, of a improper practice of oral hygiene interventions in the oral cavity performed incorrectly or with non-sterile instruments, of bad habits such as alcohol and smoking. Abscessed tooth is very painful, the person who is suffering often and willingly can not eat, or does an hyper sensibility to hot or cold foods. Abscessed tooth because of a sore very strong teeth, often unbearable, and also prevents you from eating. Sometimes even just touching the abscessed tooth area with the tongue can cause pain. Abscessed tooth also causes a swelling of the gums and also a very easy bleeding.

abscessed-toothMouth abscess. You must to go immediately to the dentist.

If you realize you have an abscessed tooth, then the right thing to do is call a dentist to assess a diagnosis and then to remove the abscess. Meanwhile, to ease the pain, you can gargle with warm water and salt, this serves to calm the pain. Your doctor will probably opt for a cure based painkillers and an antibiotic to actively combat the abscessed tooth infection. Meanwhile, more to appease the pain, you can lean on the cheek some ice.

Dental abscess. The priority.

When you have an abscessed tooth you must however avoid using pain medication alone, you must not practice the sports that require intense physical effort, you do not have to make rinsing with mouthwash without first cleaning your teeth, and you should not eat foods too hot or too cold: this would cause great pain. If you are taking antibiotics should avoid eating dairy products and milk, because these foods could weaken the action of drugs.

Abscessed tooth. The prevention.

Before fighting an abscessed tooth, you have to understand that prevention is very important. To prevent this painful phenomenon you must first maintain good oral hygiene, using toothpaste and brush well, as mouthwash and floss. You have to wash even the tongue, which can spread bacteria. If you do not want an abscessed tooth, then even have a teeth cleaning by the dentist at least twice a year and a check on the health of the mouth every year.