Abscess on tooth.


Mouth abscess.

Abscess on tooth can be extremely painful and annoying. Abscess on tooth is a phenomenon caused by several factors: the poor cleaning of the teeth, some types of dental procedures, the use of cigarettes, alcohol abuse can favor the formation of painful abscess on tooth. To prevent this, just implement a good prevention. You must always wash your teeth and even the tongue, using both toothpaste that brushing, flossing and mouthwash. Do a good prevention means reducing the possibility of abscess on tooth. It would also be wise to avoid smoking and excessive use of alcohol. Finally, especially if you have diabetes, you need to pay particular attention to oral cleaning. At least twice a year must go to the dentist for a checkup and make teeth cleaning. Abscess on tooth can be very painful, as to prevent chewing, or eating foods too hot or too cold. If the gum swelling and neck, extreme toothache, a bloated feeling and pain and bad breath, you probably have an abscess on tooth.

abscess-on-toothDental abscess treatment.

In this case you must contact the doctor who must diagnose the problem and see what kind of access is, and how to fight it. There are several types of abscess on tooth. The doctor may choose as a solution the drainage, in case the abscess is too full of pus, or the incision, or even the devitalization of the tooth. Only in a few cases, abscess on tooth leads to the extraction of the tooth. Abscess on tooth is painful, but it can be easily fixed thanks to a visit to the dentist.

Abscess on tooth. Pain medication.

The doctor will prescribe the proper treatment, usually antibiotics and pain medication in case of severe toothache. Abscess on tooth consists of an accumulation of bacteria, pus, white blood cells. Is formed above the gingiva, the height of the tooth, and it is very annoying and painful. Abscess on tooth can be defeated with the weapon of prevention and oral hygiene. If you think you have an abscess on tooth, because you have all the symptoms (such as strong pain and bad breath), then do not hesitate to ask the doctor.