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Dental Tourism Albania.

Albania is a country of the Balkan area, which capital city is Tirana. Since some years this little country is going through a period of economical growing and development and has become a place of investments for many foreign enterpreneurs. Its relationships with western Europe are of economical nature but also educational like many Albanians study abroad and many european students go to Albania to attend university.

Due to these exchanges Albania gains a new position that now, such as many countries of eastern Europe, also makes it one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism.

Dental tourism Europe. Albania.

Dental tourism is a nowadays practice that consists of travel to countries of so called developing world that can offer high quality dentistry treatments at a lower prices: in western Europe dental treatments are generally very expensive and sometimes people who have to do extensive or cosmetic works can choose to travel abroad and to take advantages of other countries services. During past years countries of eastern Europe have gain always more realiability and professionalism and their particular economies and labor conditions guarantee lower fees and competitive prices, and Albania is one of them.

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According to estimates, patients who travel to Albania for dental treatments can save among 60%-80% from costs they have to pay in their home countries but, at the same time, Albanian dentistry centers offer materials that meet western European standards, professionalism, close relationship with patients and easy ways of communication, for example in English, Italian or German.

People who opt for dental tourism can easly contact every medical center by telephone or e-mail, or they can speak with a travel agency or a facilitator, whose tasks consist in helping patients to find better accomodations, choose the adeguate dental center, take appointments and also enjoy a nice journey in Albania, a country that offers beautiful cities, mountain and seaside resorts and archeological sites.

Albania dental.

To get in contact with Albanian dentists or technicians is now very simply, doctors can guarantee certain times of treatments and every dentistry center make patients sure of free consultations, detailed descriptions of dental therapies that may be required and of comprehensive estimate; most of dental clinic also help patients with transports and accomodations.