Medical tourism dental.


Dental travel.

Dental travel, or dental tourism, is a nowadays choice that is gradually growing among citizen of western Europe, Canada, U.S. or Australia, where dentist fees are often very expensive and likely healthcare system doesn’t include some kind of dental treatment, like extensive reconstructions and cosmetic work. People of these Countries have to pay dentistry costs or sometimes they can choose to travel to another Country, usually very near to their one, and to save some money along with visit a new places.

Dental holidays.

In these times of globalization and internationalization, knowledge, education, technologies and materials are shared all over the world and Countries of so called ‘developing’ world can offer lower prices and high quality at the same time.

Very often their schools and Universities have the same standards than in Europe or northen America or their dentists and technicians study abroad; on the other hand they offer economical advantages beacuse of lower taxes, prices or labour costs.

medical-tourism-dentalDental tourism in Europe.

In Europe, for example, the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) makes efforts to equalize European standards thorugh education, to promote patient mobility in the region: eastern European Countries can often assure a safe and professional service at cheaper prices only because their cost of living is lower.

According to recent studies, many people from Austria, Italy and Republic of Ireland travel to Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania or to Polonia, Ukraine and Turkey; patients from Canada or U.S. travel to Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru, people living in Australia go to Thailand or other Countries of South-East Asia.

Sometimes patients that travel for dental treatments have to stay more than a few days depending on the works they have to undergo, like surgery or root canals treatments, implants, crowns or dental bridges: in these cases they can decide to put togheter medical needs with a journey to visit the choosen Country.

Medical tourism dental. Remote diagnosis.

People that decide to travel can contact dentistry centers by telephone or e-mail and send them photos, X-rays, analysis or previous exams to receive a preliminary treatments plan and can turn to travel agencies to take advantage of specific travel packages to find a suitable accomodation and to best enjoy their special trip.